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[url=http://7soulsofcherryhill.thecomicseries.com][/url]Hello, I am a 31-year old the artist originating out of Syracuse New York. Drawing and writing for me has been an outlet to rid myself of a lot of panic attacks and anxiety so I suffer through most of the days. These pieces of art are a part of me as any artist would tell you of their own work. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed making them for you enjoy! And please like and subscribe, it would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

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7 Souls of Cherry Hill
Every town has it's secrets, and most of the time they do not care who knows...except for this. A tragedy had been turned into a dark tale befell the city of Syracuse. It was a stain that was forgotten, hidden by the city, one tale among many.
The massacre at the apartment complex known as Cherry Hill. For thirty years The city buried their past deep inside the trees, miles deep... And for 30 years it lay abandoned, lost..until now.
On Halloween night seven "friends" will discover it's brutal past as they unknowingly become trapped inside the rotted remains of Cherry Hill.
Who will survive the night?

Last update: 1st Jul 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Xero's Little Book 'O Horrors
My art gallery. From pop art to just strange. I hope you enjoy!
Last update: 3rd Jun 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore