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Illustrator + Writer = Creator of Love Death and Magic; a 4 part comic anthology consisting of:
- N.O.A.I.
- Blade Girl
- In The Face of Evil
- Burnout

Xygeus Morrowind's Webcomics
Nightmares of an Invertebrate
In a world where magic is integrated into every facet of everyday life, a young woman is taken in by a kind old couple and is given a chance at a new life. Her wish of a peaceful life away from magic is put into jeopardy as it seems that the world is doing everything it can to stop that, coming in the form of various 'friends' that she's found while in Northpoint City.
Last update: 21st Jul 2021
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Blade Girl!
In a world of mana and magic, Ren Midori a young teenaged girl blessed with the power to negate magic, works with the CDME (Church of Demonic and Magical Enforcement) in order to keep the peace of Northpoint City. However, it seems recently that the world is slowly changing... for the worst. How does Ren, and her mage partner, Ashton Yales, deal with the increasing instability of the world? The only way to found out is to play!
Last update: One week ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language