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Hi! You can call me Saffron or Saff. Pronouns are they/them, I’m a flower here to vibe (though I'm prone to disappearing and reappearing without notice :P).

My favorite color is yellow, I drown my apples in lemon juice, and plants are cool. Rounding up stray puns is my side-hustle. I wish y’all a pleasant day! :D


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Spices and Stones Spices and Stones
Myths say the lost country of Sharonaria lies behind the towering mountains that none have been able to pass through in millennia. Aziza and Riley are two normal teenagers (well, as normal as a human and spirit can be) trying to trying to return their friend’s book when they get lost in the mountain tunnels. When they make their way out, they’re in a place that doesn’t exist... or shouldn’t. They found Sharonaria. A place that none have entered or left in ages.

Updates Mondays!
(Currently on hiatus)

Last update: 14th Feb 2022
Lost To Evolution Lost To Evolution
Millions of years ago, a freak mutation gave Pokémon the ability to undergo rapid evolution, where their DNA is torn apart and rewritten in the span of a heartbeat. But what is the price of such power? And what is lost to evolution?

Ari the Flaaffy is looking for their missing sister. Ari is determined to find her, even if that means traveling to each landmass of the Rose Archipelago. The Archipelago, however, is a mysterious place, with thousands of unexplored islands…

A side-project for me to experiment with. A Pokémon fan comic, but not a PMD comic! :D
updates Wednesdays :)

Last update: 6 days ago
Violent Content
YellowSaffronCitrine's Miscellaneous Artstuffs YellowSaffronCitrine's Miscellaneous Artstuffs
Extra art and extra fun! Got some stuff relating to my comics, other stuff that’s a bit more random. All of it I’m eager to share! I dunno when this'll be updated, though, but I do know that I gave it the most pretentious name I could come up with. :)
Last update: 2nd Jul 2022