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Working Around
It's still some kind of working, isn't it?
Last update: 4 days ago
Frequent Strong Language
Kiss from a Rose
One night a mysterious woman in a red dress flees through the forest from a group of mercenaries. Little does she know that her actions will trigger a war between elves and orcs. Comic by Ypsilenna and He-xie.
Last update: 22nd Jun 2020
Luciferimus is the youngest son of king Beelzeberiad. The boy and his brothers are expected to prove that they have what it takes to rule Kingdom of Hellcephira… for now, though, the prince has other things to think about.
Last update: 8th Aug 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Ideas for Templates
This is where I store ideas for new free templates. Feel free to suggest your own!
Last update: 23rd Dec 2018