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Yussra MT Ebrahim is a Muslim, Iraqi American cartoonist, writer, and teacher. She teaches writing to college students in New England, and writes about topics like Islam, injustice, philosophy, and the Muslim experience in the West. She loves working with students, and practicing all kinds of writing, from poetry to fiction to nonfiction. She considers writing a pleasure, a way to process our existence, and a tool to fight oppression. She also adores nature and biology. She has a BS in botany from the University of New Hampshire and an MFA in creative nonfiction from Emerson College. Aside from her career, she's passionate about making comics, and thinks the comic as a storytelling form is one of the best crafts in this world. She also delights in drawing, and watercolors are her favorite medium. Thank you for visiting her page!


Yussra's Webcomics
Okay, Class!
Due to some restructuring of the Oakmoat School District, Rita has only six students in her new class;
​​​​​​​for them, blending into the background to get through high school isn't an option.

This slice-of-life drama, drawn traditionally and colored digitally, explores community and the human experience,
how it looks different and similar for each individual, and how our experiences clash and come together as we do.

Last update: 17th Mar 2021
Remembrance at the Pond
Amphibians and reptiles do not get along in South Mill.
Ignorance and prejudice characterize the town and its politics,
and serve as the backdrop of a local tragedy.
Even without the complications of biological classification,
Malcolm the turtle and Lance the frog have little in common,
aside from their mutual friend Diego the newt, who recently passed away.
Together, the odd pair cope with losing him while driving each other crazy
and discovering what it means to have someone's back.

Last update: 27th Feb 2021
Drippy Wrinks
Drippy is obnoxious--hahaha! :o)
Last update: 26th Mar 2018
For the Eye
"How are you?" That question isn't always answered honestly, but what would you do if your eye drops allowed you to see others as they truly are? :oD
Last update: 5th Sep 2017
The Confronter
The Confronter

A small fishing town in Maine struggles financially when its most popular catch is made illegal to fish due to an ecological crisis that threatens the fishery and the livelihood of the townspeople: overfishing.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Griffin, the son of a local fisherman, struggles to speak his mind until he decides to offer the town a confrontation service. But his social journey soon turns into an environmental controversy.

Last update: 31st May 2017