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Registration date: 19th May 2013
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Location: Canada
About Me
I'm a grown kid with a butt load of Lego that needed to be used for something. I'm a huge fan of comedy, star wars, star trek, Stargate and raptors and many many other things. You'll probably pick up o my favorite things in my webcomics. I'm not out for money or glory, just to put out material that I hope a few people will find entertain and maybe even get a chuckle out of.

Zack-ta's Webcomics
Randomly Assembled
This is a collection of various stories that will no doubt intertwine whenever possible. there are also just random gags thrown in, but what do you expect from a comic with random in the title. I'd go into all the plots but that would take a years to go through, so needless to say, I am simply using this as an opportunity to do something with my large LEGO collection.
Last update: Today
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Bionicle Tales
This is a story of my version of the Bionicle universe.
Last update: 2 days ago
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Amongst the Stars
I love Star wars and played with my brother countless games where we were jedi. Through those I had created many characters and have for a long time wanted to sew together the collection of their various histories that I have created for them. And a chance to use other characters I created for the sake of it. This is not an official canonized story and is simply my own spin with my own characters.
Last update: 3 days ago
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Sorted Tales
My main comic is Randomly assembled. This is to be a branch off of that. Instead of random stories going on as long as I can think of ideas, these will be complete stories with a planned beginning and end.
Last update: Yesterday
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This year: Five contestants, twelve tasks, one winner. Pretty much the usual deal.
Last update: Today
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