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Skybrigade is a story of finding out who you are. The world around you is constantly moving progressing and you and you alone can shape the destiny that moves you along with it.

Sky is 15 years old. He's never left The Capital of Sky Nation. His father Windgod rules over Sky Nation as a glorious leader, the entire world knows his name and the people who serve him would choose to serve no other. Windgod is a great man who has fought long and hard to create a free world for his people and enjoys seeing their smiles everyday.
Sky loves the people of the nation just as much, he walks among them daily not as a sovereign but as a brother, a son, a nephew to all those that would call him their prince. His gentle hand steady at the throat of injustice often working with the police to capture those that would dare break the laws of Sky Nation.
Sky is truly a man of the people, but he longs for more. To travel the world as his father had, to fight pirates! To save Damsels! to live a life not yet known! TO BECOME A LEGEND! He just has no way to do that... until now.

Grantur Leader of the Journeymen and his lieutenant Durran find something hidden in a cave that was foretold to be lost for centuries. Something tied to a prophecy from long before the world as we know it has come to be.
A relic of ancient times... No not just a relic THE RELIC. Among the world there are said to be 32 relics of crushing indescribable power. These relics could take a man with no military training or might and suddenly make him into a nearly indestructible beast! Some might call some men gods walking among us, others say it's just the God Relics themselves.
Until now every nation carefully documented the whereabouts of each and every God Relic. Taking note when one is lost, or when another is found. For many millennia men of the world believed only 32 existed even though one more was said to be. They thought the Relic of The Storm was a myth. They were wrong...

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Journey of Hoboman
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