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Comic Shorts Comic Shorts
Comic Shorts is a mostly comedy-like series based around the ideas, hobbies, and lives of the authors. Video game, anime, and movie references and jokes are common. The story, if it could be called such, follows Dragon Master the ninja, Lekonua the robot, and Label Buddy the idiot (among other minor characters) in random happenings/adventures. Occasionally violent as hurting and/or killing Label Buddy is a constant theme in most the comics, a running joke of sorts.
Last update: 15th Jul 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore
Comic Shorts (The main series) Comic Shorts (The main series)
This is the first portion of Comic Shorts. The first 100 issues of what we call "The Main Series" and it's where it all began. WARNING: Full of bad jokes, bad art, and probably some bad spelling. This is here cause I wanted to separate the more mediocre parts of Comic Shorts from the rest so that the early stuff won't scare potential viewers away from the newer better comics.
Last update: 18th Apr 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore