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Hey, my name’s Isaiah but people usually call me Zay psychos call me ZayFromTheUnderworld. I’m just some small black artist who likes comics, movies, anime, and drawing. Check out my stuff if you’re into dark, extreme, over the top things.

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Stacy The Demon Killer Stacy The Demon Killer
Stacy Weathers is just your average everyday blonde…yeah, right! She’s half human and half demon and she dreams of being a major rockstar! When she’s not shreddin’ on the guitar she’s out shreddin’ up demons that get in her way with her big anime sword “heartbreaker” and dual pistols named “Mary-Kate and Ashley”. Around her neck is a heart shaped necklace, it’s no ordinary necklace though, because trapped within’ it is the king of hell itself, LORD SATAN! A.k.a. Stacy’s true Father. If said Necklace is destroyed Satan will be released to cause havoc on the entire universe! But as if Stace would let that happen! Now seat back a relax because things are about to get Groovy~
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