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Spellning thinsg worng si kewl, okay?

An 8th grade hobby turned into a dream, Mischeif Comics comes to life in the form of webcomics! There's no real story behind it, just a group of friends and a caveman and their everyday lives. Most situations are real, but have that random twist with it to give that genuine 'Mischeivous Feel'. The characters represent Me, my girlfriend, and best friend. Along with some other friends who kind of guest star. And an imaginary caveman. (No one I know represents a caveman, but if you know someone let me know, please!) For every wacky idea that comes to mind = a new webcomic! I try to update on a consistent basis but I'm not shy to accept sleep over an update but I make sure to give you guys your daily/weekly funnies when I can! Hope you enjoy!

Last update: 12th Sep 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Vulgar Issues
Inspired by Aaron Alexovich's Serenity Rose out came the idea that I should make my own story about a witch! Nearly simmilar, but I want to make my story more dark and violent.

Enter Ry, a witch of the not your normal kind of black kettle broom riding witch. Stained by the mistakes of his past and loss of his family through highly unfortunate events and a Government organization that was made for the sole purpose of "controlling" Witches that goes by the name of International Witch Security (IWS), he struggles to find any reason to stay sane, let alone alive. Suffering from severe split personality disorder he shares his wicked powers with a made up sociopath who goes by the name of Bartholomew Vigil, betrayer of life. Struggling to handle his emotions he is guided by his computer hacking friend Dennis who is helping him understand the meaning of what exactly it means to be a Witch, let alone what the government has in mind.

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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language