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Um, about me, let's see... I'm a pretty wacky guy who just loves everything that has to do with art, specially music and drawing.

My passion is creating music and playing guitar, but I also love making comics(:

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Bonk! Bonk!
This is my attempt to recreate what in my opinion would be the "everyday life" in the Team Fortress 2 universe, from the point of view of the RED Team, since their beginning times as a group of mercenaries hired through jeopardy-like contests and classified ads. Welcome to the mysterious world of the Team Fortress universe!

Tags and stuff: tf2, team fortress 2, gmod, bonk

Last update: 18th Feb 2011
Don't even bother clicking on it, just a site I use to practice HTML, so SHOO!
Last update: 29th Apr 2010
antagonista antagonista
Last update: 25th Nov 2014
ComicFury's Gentlemen Brawling Association ComicFury's Gentlemen Brawling Association
"The story dates back to 1928. Ah, those simpler, way more elegant times, when men would solve their disputes with their fists. No political speeches, no morally incorrect nonsense babbling, but only pure and elegant demonstrations of courage, where only the most brilliantly creative Gentleman would survive.

It was a gloomy evening, when circumstances led me to a merciless duel against Sir Jacob Von Gristwood, from Liverpool, which lasts until today.
You may take said brawl as an example of how a proper Gentleman Brawl should be carried out." - Zephirot

Last update: 23rd Dec 2010
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes
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Frequent Frontal Nudity