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ZettaMagnetic's Profile
Registration date: 22nd Dec 2009
Last seen: 6th Nov 2018, 9:35 PM
Posts: 2
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Location: London, England
About me
I like drawing butts.

ZettaMagnetic's comics
Agents of E.D.G.E.
Last update: 9th Nov 2014
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The Adventures of Wooper and the F'n Amazing Zigzagoon
The adventures of a level 5 wooper and the f'n amazing Zigzagoon
Last update: 28th Nov 2014
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Generic Manga
Some authors spend years studying their craft - Zet spent a few IT lessons in MS Paint.

It's time to take a trip through the excesses of the worst of manga-influenced webcomicry.

Last update: 26th Aug 2012
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Rebuild of Generic Manga: Shippuden
Last update: 12th Sep 2013
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Generic Manga:The Outlaws
Last update: 15th Aug 2013
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