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Registration date: 18th Jul 2012
Last seen: Today, 8:19 PM
Posts: 380
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Location: The city of Murals
About me
I like manga, anime, and web comics. I'm a college student.

Zor15's comics
The Birthmarks of the Dark World
The kids and teenagers of Ark City's Dark World are now put into three categories Greats, Fates, and Outcasts.

Follow Dark Fire, Hana, and others as they stumble onto the secrets and truths of their home Dark World.

Updates: Once a week on Monday.

Last update: 10th Oct 2017
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The RED GUARDIANS Demons, Deities !
Kenya Keys is not a normal freshmen girl, transferring to Guidance High school. Because of this she desired by demons, evil humans, and other teens with powers.

Updates: Once a week on Fridays.

Genres: A lot of Action, a lot of Fantasy and maybe a bit of Romance.


Last update: 14th Oct 2017
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Magical Gun-Scythe
In the magical village of Ava, Keina Blanca has a problem she cannot access her magic, when she happens to find and touch a forgotten statue, her life changes forever.

Will be updated eventually ^^

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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The GunScythe Legend
The village of Ava, is the only place in the world of Eva that magic still openly exists in the body of humans.

But not all of the villagers have magic in them. Keina Blanca is that person. What happens when this magic-less person touches the forgotten sacred statue?

Genres: Shojo, action, and gender-bender.

Last update: 8th Oct 2016
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The Masked Truths
A 17 year old girl named Kaia Chains can transform her aura into a variety of weapons. She uses them to take down peoples rouge emotions, or arua skams.

Styles: cartoonish, and manga.

Genres: Shoujo, action, and slice of life.

It is now COMPLETED !


Last update: 10th Apr 2016
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