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I'm Jessie! I'm happy to be sharing my art and comics/story 'Promised memories'. I work in traditional art (pencils, pens, colored pencils, pastels, markers, water colors and acrylics). But I'm the future I may try to learn how to do digital art... But for now I'm doing the best I can with my traditional tools :-]

I'm participating in some extra side projects: 'Original character tournament: salvation'
'The new room of Scrutiny'
'Draw your characters doing stuff'
If anyone wants to join in the last two, just ask and I'll give you the information.

Thanks for checking out my page and hopefully you can enjoy what I create and dish up on here! Happy drawing!! ^__^

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Promised Memories Promised Memories
Our story starts off with princess Fay and her inner conflict with her future role to become queen someday. Her two best friends warren and luke are by her side supporting her but get into some trouble on their own..! In this world it's a simpler time, sort of a cross between medieval times and a fantasy world.
I work in all traditional art (I draw it in pencil, ink it and then color and scan it).

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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Jessie's art Jessie's art
I do different art projects and work with different mediums. Mainly I will use this site to upload projects for NROS and OCT and of course my comic 'Promised memories'.
If you'd like to see more of my art I have an Instagram and a Facebook that I mainly use.

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OCT: Salvation OCT: Salvation
A battle between various ComicFury creators' characters for the fate of the multiverse
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