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Registration date: 26th Mar 2017
Last seen: 25th Nov 2018, 1:18 PM
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Location: Nomura-cho, Ehime, Japan
About me
Me? I'm a freelance illustrator, translator, and consultant living in a tiny town in rural Japan. Nomura (Japan's own South Park) is famous for milk, silk and sumo. ^.^

a.c.i.d.'s comics
Encircle the Sun
Harata, supposedly the sole Diasminian without a Clan, has been tasked with the mission of uniting nine of his fellow citizens to save a world which may or may not be ending. How will a practically illiterate man, ignorant of the ways of his homeland, manage to control nine Champions that really don't like each other very much? Probably not well.
Last update: 16th Feb 2018
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