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Registration date: 3rd Sep 2009
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About Me
I'm the unfortunate recipient of a boss with a Hello Kitty fixation which morphed into an ongoing obsession with arranging meetings between Kitty and her maker daily on weekdays. Hopefully this doesn't weigh my soul too deeply with sin.

alparrott's Webcomics
Goodbye Kitty
Once upon a time there lived an office drone whose boss loved Hello Kitty. A lot. And displayed her love by festooning the workplace with Hello Kitty merchandise. The little soulless button eyes swallowed his soul, and he began to plot, to scheme, to rage. Until it became very clear to him... Kitty deserved to die. Not just once, but daily. And so Goodbye Kitty was born.
DISCLAIMER 1: Not only is this webcomic not sanctioned by Sanrio, Inc., the creators of Hello Kitty, but I am fairly certain they would weep and gnash their teeth if only they knew. Not to mention dispatching thousands of ninja lawyers to toss razor-edged briefcases at me. And so I wrap myself in the protection of parody precedents and vow never to make a single buck off the copyrighted image and likeness of Hello Kitty. (However, you may have noticed that I reserve the right to throw the *concept* around freely, and where I have marketed the GBK concept, it is NOT so indistinguishable with the Hello Kitty image as to confuse consumers.)
DISCLAIMER 2: This is the place where unbearably cute cartoon corporate mascots come to die. So if the idea of an imaginary, anthropomorphous kitten with a clear penchant for not living has the potential to offend you, it's time to click away to someplace where my warped thought patterns don't dictate the cruel whims of Fate.

Last update: 23rd Apr 2012
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