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Registration date: 13th Oct 2013
Last seen: 8th Apr 2015, 1:28 AM
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alschroeder's Webcomics
A webcomic that will try to make an argument about the greatest question of all. Quixotic with a capital "Q".
Last update: 15th Mar 2015
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Crossoverlord & Crossoverkill
Mindmistress discovers why her years-long search across the multiverse has turned up no other beings like her. She, along with Dasien, Mechagical Girl Lisa (A.N.T.), Dead Debbie and others, will attempt to solve the mystery of the missing doppelgangers as they take on the evil CROSSOVERLORD! And then when a league of doppelgangers threaten the stability of the universe, it's up to Mindmistress once more to join forces with Valkyrie Yuuki, Fusion, Energize, Captain Perfect, and others to stop the evil Doppelganger Gang in CROSSOVERKILL!
Last update: 31st Dec 2015
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A repository for the occasional silliness.
Last update: 24th Mar 2015
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