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Registration date: 23rd May 2012
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Location: Seattle
About Me
I live in Seattle with a big dog who never stops shedding. I vacuum and draw every day but the dog hair is winning. I think I'm going to end up with Dog Hair Lung Syndrome.

anarcha's Webcomics
Same New Woman
When she woke up one morning with extraordinary strength, an ordinary librarian found her world to be more out of control than she could ever have imagined.
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motley assemblage
"Drinking tents were full, glasses began to clink in carriages, hampers to be unpacked, tempting provisions to be set forth, knives and forks to rattle, champagne corks to fly, eyes to brighten that were not dull before, and pickpockets to count their gains during the last heat. The attention so recently strained on one object of interest, was now divided among a hundred; and, look where you would, there was a motley assemblage of feasting, talking, begging, gambling and mummery."
-Charles Dickens

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