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Registration date: 15th Jun 2011
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Location: La Puente, Ca
About Me
Andeh Pinkard | DOB: 01/17/1980
Likes: Boobs and beer
Does: comics and art with[b] boobs and booze.[/b]

andeh's Webcomics
Summon This!
Grabadiah Needs was lazy good for nothin' american NEET in his late 30's. that was until he was accidentally summoned to another world by a cute but stupid self-taught and self-proclaimed "summoner"
Last update: Today
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Mega Hyper Ecchi Overload GROPERION
a mature-rated action/scifi/comedy comic about a guy named captain and his harem of busty and curvaceous girls, whose sole duty is to protect the city of Muse from ancient subterranean invaders.
Last update: 28th Aug 2017
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The ORIGINAL Shonen Punk!
Chiitsu Pinkada lived a normal slacker life, until the day THE DVD came.
Last update: 22nd Apr 2019
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Eva Force
Taylor is the only one in his family without superpowers. his father - the creator of the modern superhero - left him with a highly advanced a.i bodyguard unit. but what happens when it gets busted mid-boot up is beyond anyone's expectations!
Last update: 14th Feb 2018
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The end of the world came and gone in the blink of the eye! so what happened? the demons took over!! what little of human kind is left now reside in the last city of the world SHINDATROPOLIS!! take a ride through the history and present day Shindatropolis with our Host Lil' Gee the little human jane-of-all-trades in a city of demons, simulants(androids),hybrids, and monsters alike!
Last update: 30th Nov 2014
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the mighty A.V club
when all the worlds superhuman go powerless, Mankind tuens to a new type of superhero
Last update: 13th Feb 2015
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Young Idols
America's superhero sweetheart - Mega Maiden is back! only this time she has a few new friends - the Young Idols!! These superheroines have joined up with one mission in mind, PROTECT OUR GALAXY at all costs!!
Last update: 24th Jul 2015
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echo overdrive
Lost in space. No memories of her past. Guided by her feelings far far from home. who is this echo?
Last update: 2nd Dec 2013
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Vixen is The rebellious daughter of Mayor Vavaum. She has taken up the mantle of EndStrike – The Phantom of justice. She now finds herself in a world of corruption, crime, and double crosses. and a world of trouble she never expected expect.
Last update: 4th Dec 2014
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Overhaul Galaxy

When the threat of Deez Nanokhan and his redroid army the Sinister Syndicate attack only two robots stand in their way, Overhaul and Galaxy!

Last update: 17th May 2014
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The Goddamn Panty Brigade
a magical adventure with a group of loud, bold and rambunctious girls.
Last update: 22nd Jan 2015
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The Imagine Queens
Queen Sara is the ruler of the Shin'tal Empire. unlike other empires when a queen does the crown is help for the winner of the Tournament of crowns. the winner earning her place as ruler of the empire. There's just one problem when Sara died she managed to recreate a conjured version of her older self. and this Imaginary protector has managed to summon two other splinters of the queens persona. now they fight to discover who was their assailant!
Last update: 20th Nov 2013
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Mega Maiden VS The Chop Chop Princess
follows Mega Maiden as she gets a crash course in superhero social etiquette and class from all her so-called peers in the post human community. unfortunately for her, every big-name superhero is a complete and utter douche bags.
Last update: 4th Aug 2013
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i hate superhumans
Titan Graeves witnessed the death of his parents when popular superhero Captain Awesome fell on them and crushed them to death. Without so much as an apology, The Captain took to the skies skirting any responsibility for his actions. needless to say Titan has very good reasons to hate superhumans. One year later Titan loses all his possession when the bank forecloses on his parents home. With nowhere to go, he turns to his outcasted grandmother for a place to stay. little does he know his grandmother is renowned super villain Granny Gravez. she gives him the key to her home turned inn (called the neon halo – super housing complex). the worst is still to come. the Neon Halo is a housing complex for (hark!) Super Villains!!! What will titan do? how will he cope?! will he be able to keep at bay his intense hatred for all superhumans?! read on and find out, suckers!
Last update: 7th Aug 2013
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Hentai Saintz
PC is a very unlucky man with the ladies. in fact he has the bad luck of 100 men. but when he's visited by a so-called angel he's given a gift that changes everything.
Last update: 13th Jul 2013
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"Tights!" follows The various Heroes and Villains of “The City” home to Mega Maiden, Chop CHop Princess and many many more! The basic premise if Animated shorts in Webcomic form.
Last update: 17th Oct 2013
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Emma, Amy & Mio: Geekiness is flippin' awesome!
There is no real plot to EAM:GIFA, just the pure crazy misadventures and hijinx of Three very “unique” girls that are obsessed with all things geeky.
Last update: 17th Oct 2013
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Oh! Editor-chan
OH! Editor-chan: is about the ups and downs of an indie comic studio named Epic Legend studios, and the geeky and quite often pervert-minded employees. OEC is intended for older teens+
Last update: 26th Jun 2013
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Catrageous Adventurerz
Smaq is an Adventurer. Pixelia is a Star Cop. He's in it for adventure, she's in ot for the treasure. Did we mention Smaq can control magical phantom mecha fists? oh yeahhhh~

Join in on his amazingly cool adventures every weekend!

Last update: 13th May 2013
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The Drunk Death Dealerz
The DDD was a band. These are Comics inspired by the lyrics of their songs. We do this is in hopes to spread the stories and legends that were true(to us!).
Last update: 22nd Jan 2013
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