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Registration date: 20th Feb 2010
Last seen: 12th Nov 2011, 3:36 AM
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About me
I'm more about comics than about me.

ansonih88's comics
Two-Thirds Dead
Follow the hilarious zombie-infested stories of Sam and Dwight, two average teens thrown into several bizzarre situations who must adapt to survive.
(Satire and dark humor)

Last update: 25th Nov 2010
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Detective and weapons expert Louis Rogers forms the private detective agency "Sleuth's Team" alongside his rookie partner Madison Frasier within a steampunk themed 1930's Chicago. Living in a city with an abundance of urban mafia activity and financial hardship, the two must investigate evil deeds of all sorts just to make an honest living. Sleuth Steam is a unique mixture of a shady noir style with robust steampunk themes guarenteed to appeal to the classic cinema lover in you!

Last update: 20th Sep 2010
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