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Area 5.1
With a name like Area 5.1 it sounds like it's a secret military project, but you'd be wrong. It's observations, funnies and nostaligia, seen from an alien point of view.

So if you like bright green aliens, or maybe appreciate the grumpier, more sarcastic parts of life, then maybe this is for you.

Last update: 6th Jun 2021
Sometimes we reach that stage in life and realise there's something missing in our lives.

I think I've figured out what that is,.. FUN!

Last update: 8th May 2021
In You're Defaced
This webcomic is a collaboration between comic artists where old works are reborn with new captions and dialogue from one of the other artists/authors.

Anyone may sign up as an author and deface another author's work, but doing so means:-
- Your works will also be available for other authors to deface.
- You may only deface comics from this comic's authors.
- You must post a link to the original comic that you defaced.
- Try and keep it naughty, but abusive and hurtful defacements will not be allowed.

Last update: 9th May 2021
Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Last update: 24th Mar 2021