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Registration date: 11th Jul 2014
Last seen: Today, 2:05 AM
Posts: 3453
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Location: The Under
About me
Nothing to see here.

argylefox's comics
The Under
Everyone knows that Smol is a worthless, tiny goblin, including Smol. Everyone, that is, except for Fate.
Last update: 3 days ago
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Just a collection of stuff I have drawn for others - nothing that interesting!
Last update: 4th Oct 2017
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Spiffing Tales of Adventure!
Holding page. Will update soon!
Last update: 25th Mar 2017
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Indifferently Evil
A group of friends in a realistic setting, explore the little evils that they can inflict on each other, in a real-to-life universe. May involve Ninja Santa, bunnies, alternate universes, time travel, zombies, clones, demon animals, mad science and a squirrel.
Last update: 25th Sep 2016
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The Sketchy Adventures of Kyo and Matt
The Sketchy Adventures of Kyo and Matt.
A travesty.

Last update: 28th Jul 2016
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My Silent, Violent Scream
Arg, help! I don't know what I am doing!
Submissions welcome.

Last update: 20th Dec 2015
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The Fury Wars
A montage of images chronically the near apocalyptic events that occur when the Caretaker of all universes disappears, and they begin to collide.
Last update: 22nd Nov 2015
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Here There Be Dwagons
A series of whimsical drawings of dragons that are subtly wrong. Mainly drawn so Jak doesn't beat argyle.

For real dragons and actual awesome plot, go read:

Sister Sister: A Dragon's Tale - featuring a dragon society of various colorful designs and godlike powers!

Next Reverie - if you like standard looking dragons causing explosive mayhem in cities!

Last update: 20th Oct 2016
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Peanut the Purrophet
A short-run comic about the most most holy of Meowssiahs, and all her disciples.
Last update: 13th Jul 2017
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