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Registration date: 16th Oct 2016
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Location: Italy
About me
I'm an obsessive writer with a sick imagination and more ideas than what my talents allow me to accomplish.

I'm the type of girl who wanders around town constantly carrying a notebook with her, just in case I happened to have some awesome idea when I don't expect it.

To make it short, I'm probably not sane. But I heard this is what it means to be artists.

artemisia8989's comics
Alice in Cageland
After her parents' divorce, seventeen-year-old Alice decides to move to Japan together with her mother. Because she was unable to properly socialise while she was in England, she wants to start a new life in a place where nobody knows her or her past. Her only desire is to live the rest of her high school life like a normal teenager, but things don't go exactly as planned. After finding a mysterious short story titled "Alice in Cageland" on her desk, she starts experiencing strange dreams, which literally bring her in Wonderland.
Created with Comipo. Must be read FROM RIGHT TO LEFT.

Last update: One week ago
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