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Registration date: 23rd Feb 2014
Last seen: 29th May 2017, 8:30 PM
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About me
I've been in the comic business since 2002. I do conventions in the Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Alabama areas and am always accepting commissions!

You can commission me here--->

artphr33k's comics
Tea and Corpses
Uhhh ur urrrrhh huuung uh ughnn.
Last update: 21st May 2017
[Comic profile]
The misadventures of a bunch of lab techs working for the Foundation.
Last update: 27th Jan 2017
[Comic profile]
Vampire Cow
This is a silly little comic about all things nerdy.
Last update: 16th Aug 2016
[Comic profile]
Desolation Rowe
5 years ago a hero was betrayed, a city destroyed, and a villain born. In the aftermath of that tragedy and in the shadow of a serial killer, two former friends will have to rediscover what it means to be the good guys.
Last update: 5th Aug 2016
[Comic profile]
Join B and Leigh as they go about their nerdy lives. This comic is really just fluff!
Last update: 14th May 2016
[Comic profile]
Absurd is an amalgamation of all the things that make us laugh online with a little bit of plot thrown in for good measure...
Last update: 28th Jul 2016
[Comic profile]
Echidna and her friends explore a variety of topics from the serious to the silly.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
[Comic profile]
Ring Of The Medusian
When Eshe's grandfather's dead disrupts her life, things can only get weirder. Will she accept the legacy of the ring, or will she chose a normal life.
Last update: 31st Mar 2016
[Comic profile]
Roll For Damage
The ramblings of a nerd and her dog...and her cat...and her inner demons. Updated M/W/F
Last update: 9th Sep 2015
[Comic profile]
Skinned Moles
Skinned Moles is a play on moleskine, what I draw on most of the time. This is by no means a congruent string of thoughts. Just the random art, funny ideas, and anything else that happens to come to mind.

You can contact Skinned Moles for commission requests at

Last update: 27th Oct 2014
[Comic profile]
Tabletop Cats
Snark and Games and Cats, oh MY!
Last update: 18th Feb 2015
[Comic profile]
Dying's Easy
Follow the insane investigations of Rasputin, Murphy and Teach, Paranormal investigators as they hunt down the supernatural threats that haunt Cut & Shoot, Texas along with their eclectic collection of friends.
Last update: 16th Dec 2014
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