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Registration date: 4th Jun 2010
Last seen: 21st Oct 2017, 9:36 PM
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Location: Washington
About me
Professional Varied Artist (fancy for freelance)

I have several years of formal training, starting in high-school Visual Fine Arts, Drafting/AutoCAD as well as credits with the Art Institute of Seattle. Beyond that I've spent the last few years selling commission slots, handcrafted jewelry and on occasion within the past year selling/trading my RC (Hobby Grade) body painting services.

I am currently spending about two days/16 hours a week producing pages for The Ley Line War. I'd love to devote more time to it, but paid work beacons.

I enjoy reading, gardening, swimming and maintaining aquatic systems (hot tubs/pools, fishtanks, crap like that)

ashhenson's comics
The Ley Line War
Three hundred years ago the world was full of magic, and all races lived in harmony with one another. One fateful day, the Edorii - high elves - attacked the Ley Line of Blood, bearing the words that none but they should use magic.

The world now is very different from the world that was; Magic was lost to many, now limited to only the most powerful of magi.

Again the world is threatened by the Edorii and only Ase, the Land of No Magic, bars the way between the High Elves and three unclaimed Ley-fonts.

Last update: 28th Apr 2016
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Faun and Nymph
Faun & Nymph is a little side project done to be funny and dirty, in contrast to the serious overtones of my other projects. It plays on lore, legend and rumor of these two highly erotic fantasy creatures. Please attend it with a sense of levity, as it will not take anything seriously and nothing is sacred. =)
Last update: 19th Jul 2013
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