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Just another Comic Illustrator working hard to live my dream!

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The Atomic Blonde
Vanessa Winthrope is the world's first, living, atomic weapon. Set in the war torn era of the 1940s, Vanessa and her devoted side kick and love interest, Daring Dangerson, are on the run from the Nazis and every other world power seeking a nuclear weapon. This is the chronicle of the globetrotting adventures of Vanessa and her friends. We aim to bring you page after page of action and adventure. Follow the ongoing adventures of the atomic blonde today!
Last update: 10th Jun 2016
The Akron Knight
Jeff Daylan, a fragile war veteran, discovers that the Power of the Universe has chosen him to be the vessel with which that power must counter an encroaching evil from a parallel universe that threatens to consume everything in its sights. The battle starts in the streets of his home town, Akron, Ohio, as a Demonic other-dimensional figure seeks to find and control the one weapon that will ensure total victory. That weapon is "the Balance Blade" and it is bonded to Jeff, creating the physical manifestation of "the Balance Force." If Jeff can't come to terms with his destiny, and stand and face this demonic threat, Everyone and everything he has ever loved will be destroyed, along with us all.

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