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Upper middle class webcomic artist
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Registration date: 19th Jan 2010
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Location: East Sandwich, MA
About me
I'm married. We live with two dogs (Thursday and Alto) and our cat, Sammy. Currently we reside in Massachusetts (out on Cape Cod)

I've been a comics fan since... well, as long as I can remember. My biggest influence on my artwork is George Perez, who I've admired since the late 70's when he worked on Fantastic Four and The Avengers. I've also been influenced by many other artists including (but not limited to): Akira Toriyama, Art Adams, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Patrick Nagel and Alphonse Mucha.. among others.

Angry Faerie started as a single illustration based on an idea by my co-worker Erika. That led to several other single illustrations (which can be found at: ) and it occurred to me that the character had the potential to carry her own webcomic.

And that.. as they say... is that.

bbedlam's comics
Angry Faerie
Not all faeries are happy, cheerful little forest creatures. One, in fact, is downright ornery. She's mean-spirited, violent.. and ANGRY.

Welcome to the twisted world of Angry Faerie.

Last update: 24th Oct 2016
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