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It's hard to define me. I have a few different webcomic ideas ranging from the superhero to the slice of life and from the serious to the silly. The one I'm focusing on right now is a slice of life dramedy about an Irish boy named Terry who has to cope with some of the most extreme people.

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What Terry Sees
Terry is an eighteen year old boy who just graduated High School and works at a gas station. He and his friends are on the threshold of beginning lives of self direction but they face moral ambiguity as the world is not as black and white as their church had taught them. Terry deeply loves Joe and that brings him into conflict with Patrick, a local church's youth leader. Then he gets into conflict with Gordon because Terry attends church. Meanwhile, he's being stalked by Sarah while his sister Scotty is being stalked by Troy, Nick has a secret, Ben gets tricked, Henry is trying to become Helen, Julie is being harassed, and Ethel is battling alcoholism. It's enough to drive Terry crazy. Can Terry and his friends navigate this crazy life?

In order to get this comic going, I am temporarily going to throw out artistic quality. I'm going to go ahead and post rough drafts and then later, go back and clean them up. So forgive me if the characters are missing essential details like feet.

Last update: 15th Jan 2015
I plan on doing some fan-art for the following comics. I might also do fan-art for other comics.

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