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A comic reader/comic artist who loves fantasy, adventure, and horror. Also very bizarre...

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Blacktail and Marz Blacktail and Marz
Space... a frontier traveled by not many with dangers lurking from planet to galaxy to... blah dee blah. Here is the story and adventures of two space travelers: an earthling named Marz and her trusted alien companions, Blacktail, King, and Ba. So get ready to fasten your seat belts, and brace yourselves for one wild ride through space, time, and whatever crazy shenanigans that have the likelihood to happen.
Last update: 12th Jul 2022
Bizarremoon Randomness Bizarremoon Randomness
This page is reserved to all my random comics, either fan stuff or just humorous strips ;)
Last update: 14th Feb 2022
The Tales of Lev The Tales of Lev
Thomas Lev is no ordinary young soldier. His life and battles rest in a dream-world, Gluban, that resides within a sleeping girl's mind. Yet this world is not what one would expect from a child's imagination. There is no delicate perfection. Within it are trying situations such as war, chaos, crime, and corruption that Thomas and his companions feel obligated to mend for their own desires to bring peace and sanctity to Gluban.

Last update: 15th Sep 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore
The Dreamcatcher The Dreamcatcher
In a dream world called Gluban, a young hero by the name of Razina find herself with the powers of the Dreamcatcher. Only she has the ability to defeat the nightmares that haunt her world but it comes with many costs and sacrifices.
Last update: 27th Jul 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language