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Registration date: 24th Aug 2010
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I'm Leslie and YOU'RE watching Disney Channel

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Motsuro Project
Dakota and her friends live as fantastic superheroes - though only part of the time, as in the real world they have to deal with another type of villain: a reality that wants them dead.
Updates every Wednesday!!

Twitter: @aavalon_mao

Last update: 4th Jun 2018
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......'tis ain't regular manga. You read it from left to right, see.
Setsuko and her close friends were checking out their new schol before school started. However, suddenly they got locked up in a dark and mysterious classroom...and when they came out, everything was entirely different. Their whole world became unrecognizeable. And it seems as though all has changed for the worse - with only themselves able to fix it.
<<Being noticeable of details would be most appreciated.>>
WARNING: VIOLENCE, A.K.A. HACK-'N'-SLASH. 'TIS NOT FOR THE WEAK IN HEART, though if you're about 13 plus it's probably not a big deal....especially for those tweens out there who have read Bleach 0_0

Last update: 6th Nov 2011
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The Message of the Cross
The story of mankind, taking place many, many years ago. this is a true story and is not made up by me.

The main point of this webcomic, unlike a lot of you people who may not believe this story, is not to "convert" you. Yes, this is a religious belief for a lot of people, but it isn't just that. It's a love story between mankind and their creator. People have committed their lives, suffered and died for the same purpose for God spreading this word after hearing this story. But no, the artist of this comic doesn't want you to die :3.

We think you have the right to know what this great story is. It has changed lives, and we believe that if people have gone so impossibly far just to spread this Good News, then we believe that you should have the privilege to hear it as well.
Enjoy reading!

-DeepSea Neko

Last update: 19th Dec 2010
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