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howdy doo yall
its me the one person who has a drawin tablet and makes comics for fun
making typos is part of my personality

@bonh_hmhm for random arts n such as well as commentary on things

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Blue Witch
Marow is a witch. She's 15 years old. She does things that witches would do. Except have pet cats. Cause she's allergic to them.
Last update: Yesterday
The Coin Manga
A slice of life[slow paced] manga about gamers gaming at an arcade. there really isnt a time at which it takes place; but id say maybe 1999-2000 idk
Last update: Yesterday
The sub-par tale of a pokemon journey
Have you ever wanted to escape your plain, normal life to live in a world of fantasy and imagination? In the case of our "hero", Bahamut has. His dreams of escaping to a fantasy world were only rivaled by his desire for Pokémon to be real. So when an almost unexplainable event happens that brings him to a world of Pokémon, you can be sure that he'll be taking this opportunity!
If you want to read the original source here it is
Story by: DragonBubz
Art by: Bonh(me)

Last update: 30th Aug 2021
Problem with being Dead
Delinquent Tora Willows is in love; but she's scared that her 'unfeminine personality' will scare her love interest away. However, this soon becomes the least of her problems...
a comic i made quite a while ago
didnt post it here for some reason
whenever i dont really have anything to draw i just draw a new page
so it doesnt have a consistent upload schedule

Last update: 5th Sep 2021