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What's up! I'm Gaby and I like comics. I've got a lot of ideas for my own, so hopefully I can get them all out of the planning stage someday!


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EcopportunityX EcopportunityX
You have woken up in a room. You know this room, it's familiar. You've lived in it for your whole life.
But now it's time to escape.

EcopportunityX is an interactive horror comic inspired by the likes of Rubyquest and Awful Hospital. Comment what you'd like to happen next! Work together! Can YOU escape?

EcopportunityX contains blood, gore (of stick figure characters), body horror, and eyestrainingly bright colors. Please read with caution.

Last update: 2 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language

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A friend and catboy. INCREDIBLY purple.

Watch out for this fighter's ANIMATION technique! Those ARCS are hard to dodge! I'm doing the video game loading screen tips thing!

Normal about characters.