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Cat's Art Dump
The artdump n' stuff :D
(violence just in case)

Last update: 11th Jan 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore
Jay and Kat: A Pokemon White Suggestion Comic
You are Jay.
You are finally starting on your journey to be the champion.
You hear voices in you head. . .

Last update: 15th Jan 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore
Cat and Figment Stories
A hunk a bunch a short stories created by Catfire13 and Figment.
Last update: 23rd Nov 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore
Pokemon Crossbreed mystery Dungeon
So we like pokemon okay
and this fusion and crossbreed thing is pretty cool
so yeah
we shall update when we can
and the art styles may vary between us cause we have diffrent styles
sorry bout that XD

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.