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Registration date: 21st Aug 2013
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About me
I'm a Cartoonist/illustrator. I'm also the creator of CPU Basics the comic book. During the creation of my comic book, I like to listen to reggae, hip hop from the 90's, Christmas music and instrumentals. I use Photo Shop with the Cintiq. Still playing with Manga Studio.

cdmalcolm's comics
CPU Basics Team
When the earth is being treated but forces beyond our control, This team was put together to handle the likes of super meta human, the undead, the gods and aliens. They work for the government as a silent division to United States national defense. However, they were once enemies towards each other. Can thy function as a team or will their ego take the best of them?

This is The On line comic made by CD Malcolm. A martial arts Comic Book to takes place in the near future that will tell the tale of how the world came to the conclusion of giant-robot-like fighters. Early in this tale, the government have more success with Hybrid Human-Animals over the division of government developing Human-machines. Little do both know that they are being controlled by the same group of men and women that developed the hellish division known as “Black Plaque: Blue, Green, Red and the Gold Elites”. They decided to test out side of their based premises of altering human DNA fusing technology and use some of the worlds' greatest to form: C.P.U. B.A.S.I.C.S...

CPU Basics is a group developed to handle most current events that causes danger to all of the US Defense divisions. They became a group that uses living tissue as a Hyper subspace CPU to enhance the powers, speed and development of it's host wirelessly.

Last update: 16th Dec 2013
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