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Registration date: 4th Apr 2012
Last seen: 24th Jan 2015, 9:42 PM
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Location: Bedford, TX
About me
Hello friends!! My name's Amelia and I'm a hard-of-hearing music and visual arts double major (with a CS minor) who likes to draw, play pathfinder, and look at cool rocks on the internet.

chaos-controlled-123's comics
Knight #9284
Somewhere in the far future, history repeats itself. A daring knight hears legends of a fair princess, trapped for eternity in a cold forsaken tower, full of traps and turmoil and guarded by a vicious dragon. She knows how many heroes have died trying to save the young royal-- 9283, to be exact. But she thinks she's got what it takes to finally make it to the top, that the death count stops with her, number 9284... but isn't that what they all say?
Last update: 24th Jan 2015
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Tellurius Payne
All Tellurius Payne wants is a nice quiet life as a fashion designer... but his parents, two of the most powerful and infamous supervillains in the galaxy, beg to differ. He has managed to struggle through 4 years of classes at the prestigious Supervillain Training Conservatory without hurting or killing anyone and is about to obtain his Certificate of Villainy, in the hopes that his family will finally let him be. The only thing that stands in his way is the final exam-- a full-scale invasion of the planet Lynbra III...
Updates Thursdays!

Last update: 29th Nov 2012
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