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Registration date: 30th Mar 2012
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Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
About Me
Hi, I'm Chuck Whelon, the creator of Pewfell. I draw the strip and do most of the writing & coloring too. I live in San Francisco, California and was born & raised in Basingstoke, England.

Pewfell is a comic fantasy comic that follows the amazing adventures of an inept wizard, his warrior princess wife, and the small blue gnome who squats in their basement. All characters are fictitious, except the ones in the strip, who are all mostly based on people I know.

I created the series for no better reason than as an excuse to doodle goofy looking monsters and chainmail bikinis. The strip has evolved over the years as I've experimented with different formats and developed my artistic style, but my main aim has always been to have laugh.

Some of my inspirations for Pewfell include the comic strip work of E.C. Segar (Popeye), Goscinny & Uderzo (Asterix), Gilbert Shelton (The Freak Brothers) and the books of Terry Pratchett (Discworld).