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Registration date: 23rd Dec 2015
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About me
I love anime and manga and am an Otaku. I don't usually read webcomics but after buying Alien Spike at Shadocon I was hooked and started looking more into it. I hope it will one day become popular, it deserves it.

cookiequeen's comics
Nightmare Tales
Dark beings called Nightmare Tales feeds on human weakness, fear, nightmares, hate, and jealousy. They hide in the shadows and bring about chaos. Only people named Masquerades can defeat them. Each Masquerade has their own unique power, they are gifted and rare human beings. One day, Mirai Raven, a sixteen year old girl was just a normal girl, until she enountered a Nightmare Tale. A scythe appeared in her hands and within a few moments of fighting for her life, the Tale was dead. Masquerades normally have known what and who they are since they were born, so why didn't Mirai know of such an extremely important fact?
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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