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cool rhiannon
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Registration date: 21st Feb 2016
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Location: Wales
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Artist and writer, having fun :3
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Bunny: Gore Justice
The mysterious Komodo has seized an island, using it as a headquarters for his cruel, bizarre experiment. On the island of 5000 people, rebels have risen and fallen, but Komodo rules with a sadistic iron fist - the only figure as powerful and enigmatic is the unstoppable vigilante known as Bunny.

But Bunny's origins are as unknown as her motives. With the many eyes of Komodo locking onto the remaining rebels, the choice to trust Bunny is a dire and dangerous one to make...

A comic about trust, justice, morality, conscience, and a human's capacity for violence.

Updates every other day!

Last update: 2 days ago
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html testing
testing html so i don't mess up bunny with my antics/experiments!
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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