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Im a self-taught artist who has a love for superhero comics, mainly the marvel sort. Im always looking to improve my art, and will never stop getting better. Anything is reachable, given the proper motivation and dedication.

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Spider-Man: Shadows of Night Spider-Man: Shadows of Night
Shadows of Night is a dark depiction of the Spider-Man mythos, re-imagined in a universe where SpiderMan is more brutal and darker than ever.
Last update: 11th Jun 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore
Photon Photon
Meet Photon, a brand new superhero making his debut after a freak accident has given him amazing powers. While struggling to control his newfound powers, Photon battles evil supervillians in his effort to protect his city of Aptropolis, feeling the great responsibilities of becoming a hero.
Last update: 2nd Mar 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore