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Registration date: 12th Apr 2011
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About me
Hey! I'm Dedicatedfollower467 aka Def aka Erienne McCray. I'm a comic artist currently studying a Master's degree at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and lgbtq+ comics. I'm a butchy bisexual woman with a passion for characters and worlds that defy tradition and expectation.

Tumblr: and
Twitter: @def467
Instagram: @dedicatedfollower467

dedicatedfollower467's comics
Alfdis & Gunnora
Prior to that fateful day, the Lady Alfdis and the lowly soldier Gunnora had only seen each other through a window's frame, a silent but beautiful sight. When the first real contact was made, it seemed too good to be true; and perhaps it was. Now, as the dwarf kingdom they call home is under assault, they must race to not only save their people, but also discover how to navigate their fragile new relationship.

Currently updating every Monday and Friday.

Last update: Today
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Kiss My Artichoke
Hilarious jokes including produce.
Last update: 11th Jun 2018
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A daily comics of 1-4 panels, the strange and likely not very funny drawn musings of me, Dedicatedfollower467. I'm doing this for me, not anyone else, but feel free to hop on for the ride if you wish.

UPDATE: Now discontinued. It was a failed experiment.

Last update: 20th Jun 2012
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La Casa de los Fantásticos
Uncle Pedro isn't really crazy. Yeah, he locks himself in his closet and shouts at people that aren't there, but that's because his house is a door to another world. It's not his fault. By the laws of magic, he has to give the house to his nephew when he dies, but he doesn't have a nephew. So, he will teach his niece. It won't go well.

N is Pedro's niece, and she doesn't know anything about the house. She's always happy, but she thinks her uncle is a little insane. She doesn't want to be here: she'd prefer to travel Europe with her friend Chait.

Chait doesn't like the situation. His friend's uncle is completely insane, strange things happen, and he can't leave. He told N he'd stay with her, but he doesn't have to enjoy himself.

*All pages have a translation in English and Spanish.*


Tío Pedro no es realmente loco. Si, él se cerra en su armario y grita a personas que no están, pero eso es porque su casa es una puerta a otro mundo. No es su culpa. Según las leyes del mágico, tenga que dar la casa a su sobrino cuando se muerta, pero no tiene un sobrino. Así, el ensenara a su sobrina. No pasará bien.

N es la sobrina de Pedro, y ella no sabe nada sobre la casa. Ella siempre esta muy contenta, pero cree que su tío es poco insano. No quiere quedarse allí, prefiere viajar por Europa con su amigo Chait.

A Chait, no le gusta la situación. El tío de su amiga es completamente insano, eventos extraños ocurren, y no puede salir. Dije a N que se quedaría con ella, pero no tiene que divertirse.

*Todas paginas tienen una traducción en ingles y espanol.*

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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