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Registration date: 21st May 2012
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About Me
Born and raised in Ontario, I always had a creative knack for art and music. I am RicePoison, I specialize in graphic design and original music productions, and I am a graduate of Interactive Media Development at Confederation College

diamondharp's Webcomics
A girl's homeworld is shattered, sending her to a strange world from which she must find the remnants of her previous home, in order to restore it to its former glory.
Last update: 13 days ago
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The Celtic Knot
Meet Uisce, a clueless freshman at Element High. Now meet Doitéaín, a hot tempered Freshman at Element High. Their Mission? As The Celtic Knot & Irish Devil, they have to save the world from the wrath of Princess Dorchadas and her partners: Prince Caleb, Réaltha, and a missing princess. With the help of Aer (Scottish Lament) and Cre (Shetland Reel), they might have a better chance at defeating Dorchadas, if the Knot Team would cooperate.

Element High is a school that assists young mages to train their elements. Prince Solas is one of the headmasters there. Element High soon becomes the protective walls for a young non-mage (human) named Ceilidh, who earns an Earth Stone to stay protected against mages.

Will they graduate and defeat Princess Dorchadas?

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New updates on Sundays!

Last update: 1st Apr 2016
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30 Days of Characters
ComicFury artists join together to challenge themselves! 30 characters in 30 days - one new character every day, for the entire month of April. Think you're up for the challenge? Join now!
Last update: 4th Apr 2017
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