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I am a 57 yr old Blerd, lover of swords, magic, monsters, robots,ray guns and spaceships. Been a creator of comics since the mid 90’s, when I joined my first small press co-op, the N.S.P.G.(National Self Publishers Guild). Early artistic influences were the top artists of superhero fare( George Perez, John Buscema, Gil Kane), but in recent years have become enamored with comic artists who work in a more cartoony style( Sergio Aragoneś, Stan Sakai, Scottie Young),as well as a host of newspaper strip cartoonists including Johnny Hart, Aaron McGruder, Bill Watterson, and Hal Foster.
I earned a diploma in Commercial Illustration from Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Morristown in 2016.

dougfreeman57's Webcomics
Adventures of Newt Tronztarr
The misadventures of a pair of space-faring amphibians who are officers of the much-lauded Star Patrol.
Last update: 25th Aug 2020
Ultros the Ultra Alien
An alien law enforcer steps to the forefront to protect Earth from an alien invasion.
Last update: 28th Dec 2019
ZeroTime Comics Presents
This will be a series showcasing various characters/concepts of the ZeroTime Comics universe, featuring superheroics, sci-fi adventure and MUCH more!
Last update: 30th Aug 2020