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Registration date: 14th Oct 2010
Last seen: Today, 4:45 AM
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Location: Caledonia
About me
Lifelong comic reader who forgot to grow up. Proud author of over a dozen unfinished Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels. Possibly vampire.

dpat57's comics
Crowbar: A Sci-Fi Adventure
A curious boy befriends a robot inside an alien pyramid on a distant planet! Together they must solve a puzzling mystery before dark forces overwhelm them. Malevolent aliens! Insane robots! Evil mutants!
Last update: 6 days ago
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Space Pirates of the Black Quarter
In the near future, human colonies on Jupiter's moons are attacked by mysterious space pirates whose advanced ships can outrun other vessels. A mismatched handful of smugglers takes the pirates on, using near-obsolete hardware, and help from an unexpected source.
Last update: 10 days ago
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Captain Gold and the Robotrons
A secret organization wages war against advanced robots who can take on human form. Top agent Captain Gold leads the fight against the cunning machines.
Last update: 12 days ago
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Starship Captain II
The further adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the GSS Eagle. An unashamed homage to original Trek, though nowhere near as good. Sequel to the first Starship Captain adventure.
Last update: 5 days ago
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Martian colonists clash with U.N. and Lunacorp interests determined to uncover the Red Planet's greatest secret. Meanwhile, those robots are definitely up to something! Sequel to the first MARS adventure.
Last update: 2 days ago
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Secret Agent: British Intelligence II
Special Agent Biff Thrash returns in a new adventure, taking on old foes and new. This man is dangerous!
Last update: 9 days ago
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Sword Princess Yukisaki II
Yuki and her faithful cat Tetsu return in a new adventure! The accidental appearance of a heavenly being heralds bad news for everyone.
Last update: 3 days ago
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You Call That A Stick Figure Comic?
3D stick men comic with bonus cringeworthy attempts at humor.
Sometimes plays host to other comic pages with nowhere else to go.

Last update: 3 days ago
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Forest Reckoning
A curious dog and an untrustworthy cat avoid bears and other dangers as they struggle to discover the secrets of the Forbidden City in a post-apocalyptic world.
Last update: 11 days ago
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Sword Princess Yukisaki
In a fantasy feudal Japan, young princess Yuki struggles to avenge her family's demise, with the help of her faithful cat Tetsu and a supernatural being, Mashen-Shiru.
Last update: 11th Feb 2016
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Starship Captain
The adventures of Captain William Star and the crew of the Galactic Survey Ship Eagle. An unashamed homage to original Trek, although not as good.
Last update: 23rd Dec 2011
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Sinister events overtake mining base personnel on the Red Planet, Mars.
Last update: 18th Sep 2012
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Secret Agent: British Intelligence
Secret Agent Biff Thrash of British Intelligence takes on Nazi clones, dwarf assassins and evil vampires.
Last update: 2nd Dec 2011
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Jane & Dick
A spunky secretary assists her lecherous private dick employer in solving unsolvable cases and surviving various corrupt shenanigans in Mean City.
Last update: 12th Jun 2011
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