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Howdy! I'm dransnake and I'm a young freelance artist. I create my webcomic, Arcane Gourmet, in my spare time. With my casual art, I'm more of a dragon artist and I have a small dragon obsession with em :')

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Arcane Gourmet
For most of her life, Aria thought that she was just an ordinary girl. Until one fateful day, she discovered a secret about herself that sent her normal life into a whirlwind. Now, she finds herself thrown out of her home and traveling with a man named Rowan and a blind child named Wren, going off into the lands Aria has never dared to venture. What will happen to Aria as she goes out and discovers this new world?

Temporarily updates on Saturdays at 7am Mountain Time! Can be affected by daylight savings.

Flagged for Violence to due onscreen death (human and animal), onscreen violence, etc. These do not happen all the time, but will still be present later on in the story. Reader discretion advise.

Last update: 7th Nov 2020
Violent Content
Arcane Gourmet Archives
Here is where all of the old deleted filler pages for Arcane Gourmet will go! Here you will find the ancient beta pages, deleted fillers, and April Fools jokes
Last update: 17th Apr 2020