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instead of breaking my back over some epic backstory let me just say this is basically an attempt at a full pokedex in which the pokemon are land water air and space craft. its more so i can make mechs than pokemon but i did begin art making pokemon comics and was real into the gameboy games. the love is there. enough of it.
Last update: 5th May 2021
fan art promoting american cartoons and counterculture.
Last update: 5th May 2021
Occasional Strong Language
Surreal- with physical and digital tools- collective gallery
in the act of spiritual art we either express restrained affection, loyal to a standard of self discipline and control reaching evidential normalcy and safety yet honest and pretty scenery, flowers and fruit, or a face or body. all the way to less logical love and compassions based on instinct which register as more emotional or abstract but the process may be very specific to some sentiment.. but they say when it reaches obsession and compulsion or absolute spontenuity in a state of liberation ruled by the odds of surrounding energies but channeling one's own, plausibly the reason there is meaning to the inexplicable but "compelling" discoveries which are not conversation starters but non communicable... is to pursues their "subconcious" which is a risky thing. the subconcious is made up of like all the fuck in your system... all fears, aggression, repressed memories, and yet also dreams, the fulfillment you create, and somewhere in between spirits and de ja vu. there is a god because there is a self. but if you can sail on auto pilot then you can drop an anchor. and if you know where to dive you find treasure. if you can navigate the stormy waters of the soul you can better appreciate the calm currents. some areas of the human condition are not for everyone. but they are the half of life which makes us truly unique, dutiful, imperfect, primal, and intelligent likewise. this is the essence of surrealist art. call it what you wish- psychedelic, surreal, dali, ernst, chirico, dmt, acid, mushrooms, mysticism, spiritual.. i use a mixed media collage approach, painting and drawing then merging images and editing digitally. this collective gallery was made in past seven years, about five per year.

when i see nearly 40 thumbs on a fullscreen it makes me want to try and publish picture books and dabble in art discussion vs critique. i enjoy writing but im not a critic, i'm too socially imbalanced to teach, i couldnt make it as an animator because i dread the day i ever draw or paint the same thing twice, and freelance illustration is all the stuff id rather not do and just do what i want. but this looks like money just need a master plan.

Last update: 5th May 2021
Metal and Fire

about the title- if i do it how i visioned it, people will never get an official answer out of ME what the title means.. but i encourage people to encourage each other to keep proving it like a thesis dump on the side of the road and saying "maybe.." while they keep contemplating .. meeeetal and fiiiiire

new page AT LEAST once per week. enjoy.

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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
paradoxical sequences
surreal comic strip.

paradoxical sequences aims to change people's perspective of comics entirely. uploads very infrequently. elements of news comics can be found along side exaggerated manga elements. some have no words and some have many. each page or two is a different theme.

Last update: 8th Jul 2021