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time traveler uses vr combined with alien technology to create an artificial layer of spacetime which people can project themselves onto like holograms and be in both places simultaneously like a virtual world where 24 hours is equal to one earth second. the vr company's ceo was the first to project, so that his body could be the base for the layer of spacetime and others could project "onto" him but in the twenty minutes or so that he was set up to the system he sides with alien crime lords who located the artificial layer with wormholes and gained control over thousands of people who now serve under him. the only person who has the power to stop him is the young designer and poet who the story follows due to a certain link between him and the company's ceo and the timetraveler who helped create this artificial world is his partner.

Last update: 8 days ago
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Phase guardians
In a world where wizards and magical beasts reign, a lone warrior named Onk tries to save his tribe who exiled him from the ones he now fights for. His tribe are the descendants of a creature in myth. The beast from myth they descended from tormented the land. The beast was sealed by a powerful monk and placed high in the mountains on a shrine. With the matters of diplomacy on his hands, matters become worse when the beast his tribe descended from is freed from the spell.

the action is like upscaled martial arts and magic which is competitive with the martial energy the fighters use. Then there are unrivaled legendary beasts who compete for their position in what is known as the phase, which has been controlled by humans for the past hundred years.

See archive to find page one because there is some unchaptered material before it.

It's a lore- heavy comic and not very wordy. In the unchaptered section is reference material which may or may not make the beginning more enjoyable.

Last update: 8th Aug 2017
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paradoxical sequences
surreal comic strip
Last update: 1st Jan 2018
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