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Registration date: 1st Apr 2011
Last seen: Yesterday, 4:00 PM
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Location: Wisconsin
About Me
I am still active with comics, just not over the internet lately. I've been making print comic books, but when I do get the chance to make something different, I post it in Elektro's Comic Anthology. Come and check it out, and read some of the other older stuff on here as well.



elektro's Webcomics
Elektro's Comic Anthology
These are various unrelated comics I have worked on. Everything's tagged just in case. They're mostly short stories I've done for different anthologies (Copyright also for "Various" because some of these I worked on with someone else as well).

Updates whenever.

Last update: 20th Feb 2016
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Drannik and Lizzep are two kids who are not very well supervised. This leads them into some very crazy adventures. They and the people they meet also deal with their own personal demons along the way.

Updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (concluded)

Last update: 26th Dec 2011
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Glen is your average office drone. He has worked in a cubicle at Office Inc. for several years. However, Glen also feels repressed by his workplace, and one day, he will let it out.

Written by Tony Kinnard(elektro)
Drawn by Alex Korbey(Genejoke)

Last update: 24th Apr 2011
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Stick Man 10th Anniversary
In 2001, I made one of my first comic series, mostly for myself. Ten years later, in 2011, I revisit this world through various short stories involving its inhabitants.

Updates every Friday

Last update: 30th Dec 2011
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Psych Ward
Psych Ward was a comic that ran in the University of Wisconsin - Parkside's student newspaper "The Ranger News" from 2005 to 2007. It later had new comics published on my homepage in 2008 until "Negligence" took over my comic-making schedule.

This comic is completed. No updates on the horizon.

Last update: 30th Dec 2008
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Bad Apple
This comic was featured in the University of Wisconsin - Parkside student newspaper "The Ranger News" during the first half of 2008. It was an experiment at the time I was making the comic "Psych Ward", in that it was the exact opposite of that comic.

This comic is completed. No updates on the horizon.

Last update: 6th May 2008
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Lite Bites
An anthology by various creators.
Last update: 13th Apr 2014
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