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Registration date: 23rd Mar 2017
Last seen: 15th Dec 2018, 7:52 PM
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About me
Well, I'm awesome.

ellen791623's comics
Ever heard of a superhero with glitter powers? Not until now! Follow Glitterani as she meets unlikely friends and usual foes as she practices becoming a hero in Superhero Secondary School.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Star-Crossed Standers
Ariel Starblood is a Stander, a rare half-human half-dragon creature. She is about to become Galaxy Queen. Then, during her coronation, someone tells her that a group of Standers--Ariel's friends!-- have been captured by a Hunter named Star Death. How will Ariel get her friends back from Star Death? More importantly... will she succeed? Probably not, but worth the try.
Last update: 29th Aug 2017
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Screw Up!
Mitzi Bonny Garcia won't let anyone screw up her life.That's why she can get... temper-y.
Last update: 24th Mar 2017
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