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Registration date: 3rd Sep 2013
Last seen: 15th Jan 2015, 3:33 AM
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Location: Canada
About me
All images are computer generated

enigma-man's comics
Adventures of a North Pole Elf
Siobahn (pronounced Shiv-on), an elf from the North Pole, goes looking for adventure during the off season. Poser computer generated 3D images with small animations from time to time.
Last update: 2nd Jan 2015
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Emperical Star Empire
Empress Bahottah deals with day to day stuff in The Emperical Star Empire. A series of vignettes that relate to one another. Empress Bahottah is from Earth where she is known as Bonnie North. How she became Empress in another part of the galaxy is another story...3D computer generated imagery.
Empress Bahottah has been around since 2007.

Last update: 27th Nov 2014
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