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Hello! Call me Fedora! I am a smol asexual girl living in an endless void!I like drawing cats and pokemon, and I have no connection to the outside world through social media whatsoever! I am always open for art trades just PM me!

Scratch refugee #19..? and Smackjeevees refugee #9013.

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Pokemon: Light Warrior
Spike always wished he could be a normal Riolu. But he wasn't normal. And heck, he wasn't even a Riolu. So what does he do when more than half of the PC has been infected by evil spirits? Will Spike honor his hometown and join the shadows, or does another fate await him...

Updates Saturday

Thank u all if u read!

Last update: 9 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore
Fedora's (ongoing) Art Dump
Request and I'll post.
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