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The Web That Caught the Spider The Web That Caught the Spider
I'm rebooting this comic! I started drawing way too early in development, so I'm laying down a solid plan and making it what I actually want it to be. Feel free to read the original here!


What's worse than the terrible meme drought of 2017? Mass murder, probably. But neither of these adversaries can stop the lucky legend Logan Lyon and her cute friends from solving the mysteries around them─mysteries involving the complexities of the human mind, the unexplained appearance of the "New People," a series of tragic events causing mass loss of human life, and just how Zade got to be so cute!

But at its core, The Web That Caught the Spider is a story about the duality of man manifesting in the bonding of souls as ultimate pain and ultimate joy combined. Also, murder is bad.

☆ Psychological occult thriller

☆ Updates Mondays and Fridays 12 p.m.

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